CNC Multi-Spindle Lathes
with the highest productivity

Ever since 1992 UTIMAC produces and offers Multi Spindle Automatic Lathes equipped with CNC systems suited for an easy managing of the machine and its machining functions (spindle speed, axis feed rate, tool life and other vital functions.)

Since 2003, one step ahead in the technological innovation for automatic lathes, UTIMAC has expanded its range of machines with the new Series of SCN 26/32 and 35HT Multi Spindle Lathes, completely controlled by CNC systems and totally without cams.


In 2012 UTIMAC has completed its range of Multi Spindle machines with the new models SCY 36-45-56 HT.

This series of lathes are the result of years of accurate research applied to the highest reliability of state of the art mechanical and electronic components and systems used in its manufacturing.

UTIMAC, designer and manufacturer of the MultiSpindle Lathes series SCN and SCY, performs the necessary last run and testing before delivery and after the delivery and installation in the client's facility.

UTIMAC prepares and customizes the machines according to each client's needs, working together on the necessary strict tests before and after delivery.

TRAINING: we arrange training sessions at our facility (or at the client's), to prepare the personnel to an optimal use of our machines, so all resources of the CNC Multi-Spindle Lathes can be better profited.

INSTALLATION: an experienced team of UTIMAC engineers guarantees direct assistance and on-line advice and customer service for every need in the electronic, mechanic and hydraulic field.

SPARE PARTS: the UTIMAC spare parts warehouse is prepared to solve in real time all diverse needs for spare parts or components needed in our clients' production flow.

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